Advice (for Côte d´Azur)

1. B
Beds: : Double beds are 1.90m long and 1.40m wide; Single beds are 1.90m x 0.70m. Pillows and blankets are provided in the mobile-homes, we also provide bed linen with charge or you can bring your own linen.
Bicycles: You can rent bicycles on the campsite. As a cyclist, be aware of bicycle paths, "you don't always have the "right-of-way".
Beach towels: We also offer beach and ordinary towels with charge.
Beaches: The beach which you will find in our campsite is a sandy beach like most of the beaches here in this area.
Bank-Holidays: Lundi de Paques ( Easter Monday) , 01.05., 08.05., Ascension (Ascension Day), Lundi de Pentecôte (Whit Monday), 14. Juli (National Holiday); 15. August (Liberation of the South of France)


2. C
Cars: Should there be a car accident, the police will not come if there are no physical injuries that took place so don't expect them. Jot down the name, address of the other driver and especially the car insurance information which you can locate in the car front window. Please bring with you your car insurance papers. Please contact your insurers before travelling.
Courteousness: French are easily irritated and can also easily calm down. Please be courteous and patient enough in learning their language. Though English is the first foreign language they know from school they are not used to conversing in the English language. You will easily be astonished how friendly they can be. Nevertheless, the French will show no mercy in road traffics, you should do the same.
Church: Strongly Catholic. In Port Grimaud you could visit the church anytime.
The Coasts: In summer, it is an age-old problem that the streets are jammed and there are no alternative roads, you have to get through it.


3. D
Doctor: To visit a doctor, you are expected to pay first, then you will receive your money from your health insurance company. Please do ask your health insurance company for the formulare E111 before coming here.


4. E
Emergency: Firefighters-dial 18, Police-dial 17, SAMU (Medics)-dial 15


5. F
Food: You can almost buy everything here in France, of course, not what you are used to. It is our pleasure to give you suggestions as to which restaurants are good. Please don't hesitate to ask.


6. G
Normal-lead free: sans plomb 95 ; super-lead free: sans plomb 98 ; Diesel: gasoil


7. J
Journey: Please do inform us ahead of time if you have decided to travel by airplane so we could arrange your airport pick-up since we know affordable airport transfers. We suggest that you take Nice airport(80km). Taking the taxi from the airport is very expensive therefore not advisable.

8.. L
Language: Are you practicing your French? This is good since they usually don't speak English

9. M
Markets: Almost every town has two market days a week. To look at these colourful events are just lovely! Prices of vegetables and fruits are sometimes too expensive. Be very careful.
Motorbikes: Wear a helmet at all times!
Prepare money or credit cards for any extra highway charges. Don't forget that you are only allowed to drive up to 130km/h. Allowed speed when wet is 110km/h. Remote speedometers and cameras are also installed.
Maps: You can get a copy of the maps at best from "Michelin". For a day tour, you can borrow the streetmaps from us.


10. N
Nudist beaches: Nudist beaches are hard to find.

11. O
Opening: Stores are mostly open starting 9am to 8pm with Siesta in between. In the tourist sites the shops are whole day open. Here at our place(3km), we have a supermarket called Géant which is also open the whole day. In July-August they are open until 10.30pm.

12. P
Police: The "Gendarms" are not the most diligent, but if ever there should be a police control on sight, hope that everyting will be fine. The fine is so high especially if you neglected your alcohol level (0.5). A penalty can go up to €8.900!!! There will be no escape with the motorcycle police! If ever you hear the whistle that would most probably mean it is you they are trying to stop.
Postage stamps: You can buy stamps at the Post office(La Poste) or in Cigar stores.
Pet dogs : Your pet dogs are most welcome here at the campsite. They are not allowed on the beaches...normally, but they are tolerated. Don't be afraid of unguided dogs they are 99,9% amazingly social, and child-friendly pet dogs. The so-called fighting dogs are always with mouthpiece cover and are on a lead. If ever your dog falls into this category, please be informed concerning the guidelines in bringing a fighting dog with you at a veterinary clinic before you start your journey.
Paying: In Restaurants the customers usually pay with Credit Cards or cash. "Holes in the wall" can be found in every corner...our suggestion is not to bring a lot of cash with you.


13. R
Robbery: Naturally, like everywere it can happen. Be reminded to lock your cars when you're driving. Don't forget to close your car windows when you leave your car. Keep your purse, wallets, cellphones away from sight of passers by whether be it in your car or in the mobile home. Don't leave the windows of your mobile homes open when you're out for a walk. We suggest you rent a safe for your personal belongings at the camping site. Nothing will happen if these few precautionary measures are taken.
Roads: You will observe that the cars are not stopping at Zebra crossings (normally they should). If you are not fast enough rest assured that you will spend your holiday waiting for the next opportunity to get through the crossing. Be careful in passing a Zebra crossing, the vehicle at your back is not expecting you to stop.


14. S
There are a lot of shopping centres and groceries you could find in every town. Not far from our place is a Europa Discount (a price-friendly grocery store). Credit cards of all kinds are accepted at these grocery shops. We also have two shops on the campsite. They might be expensive but they are on your doorstep and are also open on Sundays.
Standard: Cleanliness and good service are very important for us. With this, we are confident of our high standard.
Season: The high season is in July and August and prices are normally high because of the tight schedule. The months May and June, September and October are climate-lovely months and you could do variety of things.


15. T
Côte d’Azur offers a lot of possibilities. Would you rather enjoy the quietness of the countryside or Nice? Formula-1 in Monaco or discover and enjoy the film festival in Cannes? Or just enjoy cat-walking. Possibilities are endless, start discoverng it now, for it will take you years to discover all.
Tips: It's not included in the service charge but you can give your tip on the money tray.
Tourism office
: "office de tourisme" offers all informations in every town you might need.


16. W
You can buy wine at the wine cellars, domaine vignerons and in the cooperatives. Free wine tasting!

We wish you a fun and exciting holiday,
Your Côte d`Azur Holidays Team